Royal Tea Browser Game – Available on Kongregate

Sometimes we want to play a game without HD graphics, intense shooting or real-life scenarios. At times all we need is a game that has little attention to detail and was created just to kill time when we are bored. These style of simple games can attest to the reason why we spend endless wasted hours of time, just trying to beat an unbeatable game with no purpose. Why do we play it? Simple, its fun and mesmerizing. If one game that is truly mesmerizing and fun, it would be Royal Tea Game.

Made with a background created of a five color rainbow, some smiling pixelated stars and a few platforms (or clouds); there is not much for the eye to be pleased by. But our main focus is brought to us by a little smiling royal tea cup that has tea filled to the brim ready to boost its way up the screen. This little royal tea cup can allow you endless hours of time you will never get back but who cares, its an addicting and mind-boggling game that will keep you and your index finger occupied.

How do you play Royal Tea Game you ask? Well it is probably the most simplistic and easiest game to learn how to play with virtually no learning curve to it one bit. Essentially you start on a screen that tells you to utilize your enter or return button get started then use your left and right keys to make this little tea cup bounce up onto the next cloud so you can either bounce higher or be boosted quickly up the screen. Sometime you will find that there are moving clouds in addition to miniature clouds and larger clouds (which are obviously much easier to hit).

Every so often, typically every 3 clouds or so, you will see a star sitting on top of the cloud. These stars will give you points in the end. Your goal is to collect as many of the stars as possible. It is very easy to die in the Royal Tea Game. If you slip up and do not hit another cloud while being boosted upwards on the screen you will hit the bottom of the screen and quickly die. That is ok though because we have unlimited lives and there is virtually no progression to the game or variety so when you start a new game it will be as if where you left off.

As mentioned, the purpose of the game is to get your star count as high as possible. This is done by making sure you hit every single star you have. This can become tricky quickly because if the royal tea cup can not hit a cloud to boost it upward you will not be able to maneuver the royal tea cup towards the stars and die. Many times you will have some luck and hit the cloud while being boosted upward but it will be in the wrong direction and will skip right past a star. The little star flips his smile to a frown quickly back and forth if you skip past him. But that is ok, don’t worry you will have an unlimited amount of stars to capture.

One downfall, or challenge if you may, to the Royal Tea Game is there is no present counter while playing. This means you essentially have to either keep track in your head or just wait until the game is over. In the screen that proceeds a death it will present you with how many stars you were able to capture. Typically, you will think you captured probably 10x the amount of stars you truly did. Which is ironic because that is really the only objective to the game.

Another item to point out is that the screen does eventually loop around, so in reality it is not an infinite world of clouds, stars and a massive rainbow. What you really are doing is playing the same game over and over with one life. Then after that life dies you are playing the game over again. So really there is never a restart to the game because it can’t end.

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